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Expired Regulations

Planning & Development Regulations- 1986

2019 සංවර්ධන සැලසුම් අවලංගු කිරීමේ ගැසට් නිවේදනය

Planning & Development Regulations-2020

UDA Declared Area Full Map September-2020

UDA Declared Area November 2019 Summary

City of Colombo Development Plan 1999 and 2008 (Amendment prepared under the Urban development Law No. 41 OF 1978

Amendment of Planning & Building Regulations 2008-2020 for Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte MC

City of Colombo Development Plan (Amendment) No. 2105/23 - 2019

City of Colombo Development Plan (Amendment) No. 2105/22 - 2019

Guidelines for Western Province Wetlands Zoning & Relevant Regulations

Special Regulations

Application for obtaining Preliminary Planning Clearance for Proposed Development

Public outdoor Recreation Space Planning as an integral Part of Landscape Masterplans for Urban areas in Sri Lanka

Concentrated Development Zone

Guidelines for Tourism Related Buildings in Pottuvil Pradeshiya Sabha

Declaration of Urban Areas and Approved Development Plans

Application for Obtaining A Permit for Change of use

Bolgoda Specil Regulations

Benthara River Development Regulations

Application for Preliminary Planning Clearance and Development Permit

Application for Obtaining a Permit for Change of use

Application for Registration of Local and Foreign Suppliers for Goods / Services and Construction Works for the Year

Proposal Amendments

City of Colombo Development Plan ( Compiled Edition )