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Our Vision

Towards a planned, Sustained and Adored Urbanization

Our Mission

Promote Integrated Planning and implementation for the economic, social, environment and physical development of the declared urban areas.

අපගේ දැක්ම

"සුසැදි, සුරැකි, සොඳුරු නාගරීකරණයක් කරා"

අපගේ මෙහෙවර

නාගරික සංවර්ධන බල ප්‍රදේශයන් සඳහා ආර්ථික, සමාඡීය, පාරිසරික සහ භෞතික වශයෙන් ඒකාබද්ධ සංවර්ධන සැළසුම් සකස් කිරීම, ක්‍රියාත්මක කිරීම හා ප්‍රවර්ධනය කිරීම


திட்டமிடப்பட்டு, தாங்கக்கூடியதும் சிறப்பானதுமான நகரமயமாக்கலை நோக்கி.


பிரகடனப்படுத்தப்பட்ட நகர பகுதிகளின் பொருளாதாரம், சமூக, சுற்றாடல் மற்றும் பௌதிக அபிவிருத்தியின் அமுலாக்கலுக்கு ஒன்றிணைந்த திட்டமிடலை மேம்படுத்தல்.

Hon. Minister's Message

About us

Historical chronicles and visible evidence bear testimony to a strong urban system that existed in our country in the ancient times. Thousands of years ago, there had even been systematically developed decrees and enactments on urban development. Urban centered plans dating back to the kingdom of Anuradhapura to the kingdom of Seethawaka have mesmerized the entire world. The concepts that have been closely associated with this pristine glory and opulence have been give a new lease of life and a new era of urban development is in the offing.

The gigantically challenging task of converting the entire Western Province in to a bustling urban centre has already been launched under the aegis of His Excellency the President, Maithreepala Sirisena and the guidance of Prime Minister Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe with the objective of uplifting living standards of people. Concurrent to this programme, ground work has been laid for a well-planned development of strategic towns, major towns, townships and suburbs across the island. These projects are already moving forward with speed.

The world is awestruck even today by the sprawling Sigiriya rock fortress. As a nation enriched by such grandiose experiences, we might feel that the concept is based on a western model, but we have our own plan to move forward with the emerging new world with our own smart city concept designed on a model inherent to us. Our strength has to be boosted with the infusion of state of the art technology and advanced urban systems. Every one of you can contribute to build a smart urban system that will nurture our natural environment as well as our religious and cultural environment.

Our expectation is to create a smart country while uplifting the living standard of the people and the Urban Development Authority plays a crucial role towards this end.

I believe that you, the general public of this country should be made aware of every development task and plan being implemented by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development. You have the right to inquire into each of these development projects and to submit your own proposals regarding them. If there is a conscious society in a country, development activities can be successfully implemented. Communication media too can play an important role in creating such a society. Today social network websites in the Internet has triggered a revolution in the field of communication. At a time some elements with vested interests are engaged in a campaign of misinformation and character assassination to mislead the society, you will be able to access accurate and truthful information from the website of the Urban Development Authority.

Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka
Minister of Megapolis and Western Development

Hon. Deputy Minister's Message

Chairman's Message

About us

Today, the Urban Development Authority (UDA) is the apex planning and implementation body in Sri Lanka that is responsible for managing the state of the urban environments of the nation.

The Authority was established in 1978 with the objective of introducing integrated planning and implementation, in order to promote and regulate developments for the common benefit of the urban areas. After forty years of existence, it is high time that we as an organization, view in retrospect to observe the achievements, successes and victories as well as the drawbacks, failures and the defeats through which the UDA has gained its present state of maturity. We can be happy of where we are now and what we managed to accomplish, but certainly we need to accept that we could do better and achieve much more. Thus, we are determined to envision, aim high, get organized and work hard to reach new targets to better serve the nation.

We have not forgotten that our path is not as smooth as silk, but as rough as gravel, full of challenges, filled with uncertainties, and fouled by vicious intents. UDA is in the process of getting equipped with necessary systems, tools and strategies to face such challenges, withstand those uncertainties, and to overthrow bad intents.

I believe this website will be a platform to reveal how we do that to all those who are interested and to interact with all those who seek the services of the UDA.

Dr Jagath Munasinghe
Chairman, UDA

Director General's message

About us
By reviewing the rigmarole of the UDA as the apex institution for town development and planning across the country, the Authority has recently revisited and envisioned its role into new dimension with new strategic stance.

Hence, UDA will drive with its work essentially transforming our cities years and decades ahead than what it shall be with well-organized developments in a socially accepted manner in order to enrich with livability and creating powerful economic corridor for investors to rely on.

UDA has considered its mission prudently and taking strategic steps in converting cities to more environmentally and economically sustainable with ultra-modern facilities to escalate livelihood of city dwellers to a maximum possible degree.

The housing challenge has become multi diverse in nature which varying across middle income segment housing requirement of government servants to low income housing for undeserved settlers who live close proximity in the city of Colombo. Therefore UDA has launched a multi segment drive to fulfill housing dreams of both segment in a promising way.

Predominantly looking at the investment opportunity creation for investors to capture, UDA has taken optimum possible transparent steps and initiatives of creating new avenues with fabulous infrastructure incentives to attract them.

Further, the adaptation of new standard in Governance and compliance which in par with world norms of the work procedures and practices will become more powerful driving force for UDA to maintain its comparative strength in the years to come.

Eng. S.S. P. Rathnayake
Director General

Working Director's Message

About us
Urban Development Authority has so far played the paramount role of Urban Development Sri Lanka. There is a clear need for a new way of looking at urban planning and development in order to face the challenges of rapid urbanization, climate change and fast changing needs of Sri Lankan citizens.

This requires a new way of thinking about urban planning and development, use of new tools & techniques and a service oriented attitude from all of us. We have embarked on making necessary changes to people, processes and tools in order to provide necessary support to Urban Development Authority Team.

We appreciate feedback from all of our stakeholders on continuous basis. Constructive feedback in timely manner will improve our services and help increasing our reach.

Eng, Chandana Ranasinghe
Working Director

Corporate Endevour

Urbanization is an inevitable force and the world is rapidly urbanized. It is expected that a 60% of the world’s population will be ‘urban’ by 2030.

Urban areas, especially the cities, are the engines of the economic growth and they also are the giants of consumption and the hearths of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sri Lanka has not escaped from this inevitable force of urbanization. Urban Development Authority (UDA) endeavored to meet the challenges surging from such urbanization process and envisions planned, sustained and adored urban environments in the island Sri Lanka.

UDA’s mission is to promote and to regulate the urban development process in order to facilitate the growth of the economy, protecting the natural and built heritage and improving the quality of life of all inhabitants. It has launched the mission through its island wide service centers, state-of the-art practices and the dedicated staff.

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