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Important Notice

Important Notice to All Applicants !!

Dear Applicants,

You are stickily advised not to make any undue payments for processing your applications for Preliminary Planning Clearances, Land Sub Division Approvals and Building Permits, Certificates of Conformity or any other service, other than the amounts specified to you in writing by the respective Director or the Deputy Director of the UDA. No officer of the UDA or any other party is authorized to ask for payments, in addition to what is stated above. UDA has not appointed and any agents to work on behalf of the UDA or to undertake approvals or processing of applications. If anyone request for an undue payment, please contact any of the following immediately and inform of such requests.

Chairman (00 94 71 9992853)
Director General (00 94 77 2075287)
Additional Director General (00 94 71 1357579)
Deputy Director General (00 94 71 4402397)
Director, Enforcement (00 94 77 4154102)

The confidentiality of your information is assured and it will not have any impact on the processing of your application. Thank you for your cooperation to make the UDA a people friendly organisation and to provide you a better service.

Dr Jagath Munasinghe,
Urban Development Authority