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Restoration of Historical Buildings

Arcade - Independence Square

Arcade - Independence Square is by far one of the most important refurbishment and development projects undertaken by the Ministry of Defence and the Urban Development Authority. Once the project was identified, converting the old Auditor General’s Building into one of the grandest and trendiest shopping and entertainment

Arcades in the Asian region became the focal point of the team. The Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Navy were entrusted with the task of demolishing the former buildings and reconstructing this 85,000 square foot national monument within a period of just 2 years. A team of young and enterprising architects were dispatched to Paris, France to gain international exposure to heritage buildings and the beautification of a well planned city. Many global locations and cityscapes were studied in meticulous details, in order to painstakingly create a masterpiece etched with the glory of a nation with a proud heritage.

Colombo Racecourse Sports Complex

In 2011 the Urban Development Authority commenced the renovation of the Grand stand and the Colombo Turf Club building. The structures were renovated by the 6th Engineer Services Regiment and Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau. The remaining grounds were redeveloped into Sri Lanka's first international grade Rugby Union grounds.

Dutch Hospital - Colombo

Situated opposite the World Trade Center, the Dutch hospital is said to have been built around 1681, according to Christopher Schweitzer, a German national serving in Sri Lanka. It went through some serious redevelopment.

The first thing you’ll notice are the mustard-coloured walls, the wooden windows, the teak roof beams and the old school terracotta roofing tiles. You walk through the large entry arch into a stone courtyard. It is light, airy, and filled with office workers from the nearby World Trade Center. This heritage site has now been transformed into a shopping complex, with several restaurants included.