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Mankulam town development plan

Present situation

Cabinet approval (No: 08/1444/350/058) given on 29.07.2008 to take NPC to Mankulam

Proposed area gazette under UDA law on 2nd Sep 2009

Northern Provincial Council approval (NP/01/01/Man.Complex)granted on 14.05.2016

First plan prepared by UDA in year 2010

Amended draft plan completed

The plan was presented to the Hon. Chief minister NP, Governor NP and head of the government institutions and all ministers and MPs added their comments.

Proposed Northern Regional Capital has been identified 41sqkm(4100ha) for next 50 years

Out of the total, 26sqkm (2600ha) under forest

Proposal submitted to the presidential office to get the approval to clear the forest – Approval pending

Survey plan for stage I (12.8` 12800ha) already completed.

Korean Exim Bank is waiting for the approved town plan to invest 33.3 us$ on Northern Provincial Council Building.

Plan vision

The Plan aims at the creation of an economically, environmentally and socially balanced, new age City with high slandered infrastructure and high quality of life. Adoption of a sustainable approach across key components such as transportation, waste recycling, overall urban form and resource efficiency form the cornerstones of this Plan.

Development strategy

Development of an economically and socially balanced new age city;

Concentrate all provincial level administrative activities in a proper manner;

Creation of a large scale industrial park capable of attracting a range of industries;

Allocation of a number of prime sites for the development of other economic sectors, in particular in knowledge, education and research, tourism, entertainment and recreation;

provide housing for all income groups to live and work;

Construction of good quality infrastructure in order to ensure that transport, energy, water and other utility services meet the needs of the Administrative, industries, businesses and inhabitants;

Protection of the environmentally sensitive areas within and adjoining the NPC

Adoption of a sustainable approach to development Smart city

Special Themes and Planning Principles

A Poly‐centric model

Integration of existing communities and villages into the city structure

Conservation of the better agricultural land

A strong environmental & landscape strategy

A Phasing Plan that allows optimized investment and incremental growth