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Preparation of New Development Plan for Kandy MC Area

BACKGROUND of Kandy MC area

Kandy MC area Declared as a Urban Development Area in 1979.

Kandy Town Development Plan for2002-2016 was Gazette in 2002 by UDA.

Sri Dalada Maligawa and surrounding area gazette as a Sacred area in 1984.

Kandy declared as a World Heritage City (UNESCO -1988 ).

City Profile

City Population 1,30,000

Transient Population (per day) 1,60,000

Employment (per day) 90,000

Education (per day) 60,000

Local & Foreign Tourists & Pilgrims (per day) 6,000

Vehicle Arrival Per day 56,085

Commuter population (Per day) 600,000

Identified Key Economic Activities in Kandy

World Heritage City

Administrative Capital of Central Province

Financial & Economic Hub

Environmental Sensitive Area

Tourist Destination

Education Centre

Health Centre

Considered Factors for Urban Development

Urban Renewal

Land Development

Economic Benefit

Infrastructure Provision

Financing for the Project


Impact to Traffic & Transportation

Environmental Impact

City Beautification

Development Strategies

Kandy Transport Improvement Programme

Development Zoning Plan

Preparation of planning and building regulations

Special area development Guide plan

Short term, medium term and long term Action Projects