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The building was built as a hospital by the Dutch; it has been used for several different purposes, over the years. It is believed to have existed since 1681. The Dutch established the Colombo Hospital to look after the health of the officers and other staff serving under the Dutch East India Company. The hospital's close proximity to the Harbor allowed it to serve Dutch seafarers.

The building was the Colombo Fort Police Station from the early 1980s to 1990s, prior to which it housed the Colombo Apothecaries.

The building reflects seventeenth-century Dutch colonial architecture. The building has five wings forming two courtyards. It is designed to keep out the heat and humidity and provide a comfortable environment within.

In 2011, it has been transformed by Urban Development Authority into a shopping and dining precinct, where the historic architecture has been preserved.

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Mr. C.G.N. Karunathilake
Contact Number : 076 177 5992
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