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Urban Wetland Park



Urban Wetland Park is situated in Nugegoda, and it is a wetland of Kirulapone Canal. Kirulapone Canal is a branch of Diyawanna Oya, the mother of a number of wetlands. Compared to other wetland parks around Colombo, this is fairly small and not much rich in animal diversity. But it is a great getaway from the rush and the noise of the busy city.

This area is previously used as a market place for sand and bricks. Therefore, the place is also called as ‘Weli Park’ (weli means sand in Sinhalese). But then a few times back, the place is converted to a beautiful wetland park with the involvement of the government. From then, Sri Lanka Navi is maintaining this place.


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Mrs. N.N.Jayarathne
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    Mrs. N.N.Jayarathne
    Contact Number :
    011 279 7200        Extention : 2984

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