Planting Guide

All you need to know about planting
Million Trees

Planting Guide

1) Selection of the plants
It should be carefully selected a well grown tree without pests diseases and with a strong, straight stem. The height of the tree should be around 1m generally.

2) The gap between the plants
The gap between the larger crowning trees should be 10-12m wide and 5-6m for the small trees.

3) Suitable time for planting
Afternoon is the best time to plant trees. In the large lands it is suitable for planting trees in the rainy season.

4) Preparation of pits for planting
2’-6” x 2’-6” x 2’-6” size pits are favorable for planting general trees. Half of the pit can be filled with a mixture of excavated top soil, compost manure and dry cow dung for best result of the plant growth. Better to prepare pits a week before the planting is carried out.

5) Preparation for Planting
Squeeze the polythene bag wrapped around the plant gently to compact the soil. Use a blade to cut the bag completely and plant and water it well.


Nagarika Thuru Viyan Book (Sinhala Version) by Forest Resources Division of Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment